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FOX News
Mar 22, 2013 12:00pm PDT
that troubling. >> shepard: the senate rejected the paul ryan house republican budget plan. we expect they will vote late tonight on patty murray murray's democratic senate and it should have enough votes to pass. >> shepard: isn't most of this about getting people on the record so that politicians can use that for people and against people come the 2014 mid-term? reporter: no question about that. familiar topics, the president's healthcare law, about turn three years old, texas senator ted cruz propose egg an amendment to repeal the law. failed 54-45 but forced some lawmakers to weigh in on an up popular law. cruz says it hasn't lived up to expectations. >> when obama care was being proposed the president told americans the average american family would see our premiums drop by $2,500. instead, today, the average american family has seen our premiums rise by $3,000. that's a $5,500 difference between what was promised and what has been delivered. so, for democrats on the 2014 ballot, such as mary lan drew of louisiana, mark pryor of arkansas, they had to vote in favor of the p
FOX News
Mar 20, 2013 12:00pm PDT
out of the agency to defense and questions raised by rand paul as to whether or not the administration believes it has legal authority to interrogate. first reported by the detail beast and confirmed by fox, the white house is poised to sign off on the shift but it may be a trial balloon to see where people fall on the side. proposed change. >> shepard: there's talk of drones inside the united states today. >> testifying today privacy advocates saying handwringing over unarmed drones in the united states may be' clipsed by microdrones developed by the u.s. air force and others. >> there are drones the size of a hummingbird being developed and microdrones and smaller so, technology is increasing as a rapid rate. >> the next chapter may converge web user data with facial recognition data from drones. >> what possible misuse could this be put it to? >> you can keep a full picture of what happens to an individual through the day not only in their public life, but on their on line transactions. you can connect those kind of two separate worlds, once you deploy facial recognit
FOX News
Mar 19, 2013 12:00pm PDT
it. the house republicans are passing the paul ryan plan, and so then they'll go to conference and that where the heavy lifting will begin. >> shepard: the paul ripe plan has zero chance. >> it will pass the house and then they'll try to iron it out between the two plans. the paul ryan plan on its own would not be signed by president obama, would not pass the senate, burt it will pass the house. >> shepard: mike, thank you. meantime, something about our economy does not add up. we all know that. the latest government numbers show consumers spending grew at a strong pace. that's great because consumer spending counts for 70% of the total economic activity. here's the weird part. we're not seeing the expected comparable rise in our paychecks. we're spending more but no making more, and we're not spending more on credit cards. in fact the expert said the payroll tax hike would slow spending. it did not. so what is this? and rick suggests that more americans are taking advantage of the underground economy, earning and spending cash off the books to avoid taxes or other regulations. ric
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, albeit by a very famous sculptor. it was given to pope paul 6 republic but it's not clear whether that pope wore it. pope francis won't be the first pope to wear a silver ring but it is unusual to wear one modeled on somebody else's. the ring and was made by the late enrico, called the pope's sculptor because the did a lot of work. and we got a lot of work for the pope's coat of arms. it has a star for mary, a flower for joseph, and a symbol of the jesuit association, and his mott motto, which is god saw him, had mercy on him and called him. the pope had lunch today with the argentine president, christina hernandez, with whom he has a rocky relationship. he accused her government of demagoguery and critical of her policies. argentina this first latin american country legalize gay marriage in 2010 and she called the pope's positions reminiscent of the times of the inquestion sayings. they did seem to have made a step to smooth over their relations today as hundreds of other dignitaries descended upon the vatican. >> the holly see does not invite any foreign delegation or country or lead
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4